In order to return your uneven teeth to a proper and harmonious sequence, we use orthodontics. Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the correction of teeth to avoid aesthetic and functional irregularities. Modern orthodontics brings us a completely new approach to treatment, these are transparent Invisalign splints that make it much easier for the patient to wear braces.

Modern orthodontics brings us a novelty that makes it easier to wear braces and does not impair the aesthetic appearance of the patient. It is a completely transparent brace that comes in the form of splints. The splints are constantly worn, removed only when eating, and allow the patient much better oral hygiene, which is extremely important. Invisalign therapy achieves the same effect as fixed lock therapy.

After taking the impressions, the orthodontist determines the treatment plan, in order for the treatment plan to be as precise as possible, he needs photographs of the patient's teeth and analysis of X-rays. The impression is taken with a digital scanner, and then sent to the Invisalign Institute where a 3D model is made, according to the orthodontist's instructions. According to the set plan, the orthodontist monitors the movement of the teeth, and makes possible changes to make new splints. The orthodontist can thus show the patient what result he will achieve by wearing splints, and how the teeth move from the beginning to the end of the planned therapy.


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