Composite filling - seal

The most common problem that each of us has probably encountered is tooth decay. To avoid caries, it is necessary to maintain oral hygiene as well as visit the dentist regularly to monitor possible changes in the teeth.

In case of caries, fractures (cracks) of the teeth or certain aesthetic irregularities, it is necessary to make a filling (dental filling). Amalgam fillings used to be used for this purpose, and today composite materials are used that do not differ in color from your natural teeth. Composite fillings should mimic a natural tooth as faithfully as possible in terms of shape, morphology and color in order to fully restore tooth function. Therapists at the Futura Dent Estetica Polyclinic attach special importance to the most faithful appearance of a natural tooth.

The advantages of composite materials over amalgam (black) fillings are in the removal of a small part of the tooth substance. Namely, amalgam binds to the tooth mechanically, ie much more extensive tooth preparation and removal of healthy tooth tissue is required, while composite material is chemically bonded to the tooth, the bond is hermetically complete and only the part of the tooth affected by caries is removed. After making the composite filling, the tooth is immediately in function.


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