Ceramic flakes

Ceramic veneers are an ideal permanent solution that achieves superior aesthetic results. The veneers are individually made ceramic veneers that require minimal and sometimes no grinding of the front surface of the teeth.

They are made of light-transmitting and transparent ceramics, thus enabling a completely natural and radiant smile. They are used to remove irregularities that pose problems to you, such as the shape of the tooth, its size, its color or the position itself.

By placing the ceramic scales you will get a beautiful bright smile that you will proudly wear and show off.


What are ceramic dental veneers?

Ceramic veneers or veneers are thin, individually made veneers that cover the front of a tooth, thus correcting its defects. They are made of complete ceramic, which allows them to fully mimic natural teeth to the extent that only you and your dentist will know the difference. If you are not happy with the color, shape or size of your teeth you are a candidate for making veneers. They are ideal for closing the space between the teeth, replacing cracked or worn enamel.

Today, they have become an alternative to metal - ceramic and all - ceramic crowns due to their basic advantage, maximum savings of healthy dental tissue. Namely, for veneers, it is enough to remove a minimal layer of tooth enamel. The latest materials have sufficient strength and resistance that veneers can be placed on the back teeth without fear of possible fractures and loss of function, so that today the whole smile can be quickly, sparingly and long-term reshaped using ceramic veneers.

Long-term research has shown excellent preservation of aesthetics, very high patient satisfaction and the absence of adverse effects on the gingiva. They are resistant to stains from coffee, tea and cigarette smoke. As an alternative, they can also be used in orthodontics when the front teeth are slightly incorrectly placed or if there is a small gap between the front teeth. By placing ceramic veneers on the surface of the tooth, the patient gets a cheerful, flat and natural smile.

What does the placement of ceramic flakes look like?

Before you start grinding your teeth, a digital tooth impression is taken and sent to a dental lab to create your new ideal smile. The laboratory processes the scanned fingerprint, and with photos of your face and the current situation in your mouth, creates an ideal solution. The dentist, with the help of temporary veneers made on the basis of an ideal model, glues temporary veneers to your teeth to get the right impression of your new smile. At this stage, the patient, in consultation with the dentist, can make any changes until he is completely satisfied with what he has seen.

Then we start with the removal of a thin layer of enamel guided by the previous simulation, which maximally preserves the tooth tissue, which will later be replaced by veneer. After grinding, an impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory together with instructions and with the exact shade of the desired tooth color. A temporary scale is placed while waiting for the final one, so you can function normally until the end of the final work. Upon return of the final veneer from the laboratory, the tooth is coated with a solution that serves as a binder between the tooth and the veneer. Cement is used to make the veneer adhere properly to the tooth.

Glass-like ceramic veneer is very similar to natural tooth enamel because the ceramic veneer is light-transmitting. When light reaches the tooth it passes through the enamel to the internal structure of the tooth and thus gives the tooth a natural shine. By replicating this effect, the ceramic scale provides the patient with a cheerful and natural smile.

Who are the flake candidates?

Damaged and chipped teeth - trauma or caries are the most common causes of tooth damage. Patients who gnash their teeth or have an irregular bite wear out their teeth much faster. Such teeth can be easily restored to their original condition with ceramic veneers.

One of the reasons why patients decide to place ceramic veneers is dissatisfaction with the color of their natural teeth. The whitening effect lasts for about two years, but it is not always possible to whiten teeth to the desired shade most often due to consuming coffee, red wine, tea or smoking. It is possible to correct any staining of tooth enamel with veneers.

You have always wanted a balanced smile, you have beautiful teeth but too big with an irregular spacing between your teeth. Flakes will solve your problem with minimal sanding of tooth enamel.

Appearance is more important today than ever before, veneers can help a lot when it comes to problems like tight teeth. Although veneers may not always be the first choice for compacted teeth (orthodontic therapy lasts about 2 years), for teeth that are not excessively distorted, veneers can be placed so as to obtain a flat tooth appearance.


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