Modern intraoral scanner

In order to provide our patients with the best experience at the dentist, to avoid their fear and discomfort that arises at the very thought of the dentist, we approach them with complete certainty, assisted by the intraoral TRIOS 3Shape scanner, which makes unpleasant moments at the dentist extremely pleasant.

The 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner is currently the best and most accurate device for taking digital jaw prints. With a very high precision of as much as 7 microns, it allows us to completely painlessly, and very reliably and accurately copy the condition from the patient's mouth, either for analysis or for prosthetic works, crowns or bridges without the use of impression masses or impression spoons - a classic impression that not at all pleasant. The Trios 3Shape scanner registers the jaw impression in less than 60 seconds, which significantly speeds up the entire therapy procedure, and is much more comfortable for the patient and requires much less time spent in the dental chair. In addition to prosthetic works, the Trios 3Shape scanner can also take impressions for orthodontic foils - aligners, partial or complete dentures, and impressions for planning implant therapy or simulating the patient's future smile. At the Futura Dent Estetica polyclinic, you are able to participate with the top dentists and technicians in creating your perfect smile.


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